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Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 21:48:56 -0800 (PST)
From: "Peter Naiman" <>
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Peter and all,

Thank you for answering my inquiry. I may have sounded impatient, but was just wondering if others were experiencing the same delayed arrival of items from overseas as I was, and it seems many are. Up until now shipping from Europe has been much quicker, but I guess with all of the Worls problems going on this was bound to happen. 

Regards, Peter ~~~~~ 

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From: P.C. Kohler <> Subject: Re: [CR] Delays in UK/Europe Shipping from eBay sellers ... To: Date: Sunday, January 16, 2011, 10:46 PM

Apparently Homeland Security imposed new restrictions on incoming international parcels from mid December onwards. I have no idea what these are or how security is enhanced by keeping stuff in the mail system longer than normal but there you have it.

I have at least five parcels inbound from Europe/UK delayed, many for over a month and only just now they are being released and delivered. Nothing lost to date but one parcel not arrived from a 5 December ebay auction. So patience is a virtue here as well as the appreciation that there are lots and lots of buyers and sellers affected by this. Not to mention lots of intriguing bicycle projects languishing like my 1976 Raleigh SBDU 753 time trial special idle for want of three lousy 26mm brake cable clips. But she might just be finished when it's finally warm enough to actually ride....

Peter Kohler
Washington DC USA