Re: [CR] Joe Bringheli KOF When did Joe start building?

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Jimmy- In 1987 just after I moved to Cleveland I looked up Joe. He was building out of his garage and was starting to sell some building materials, I was in the need of some (I've forgotten what though). I was hungry to hook up with another possible builder having spent a season building fulltime a couple of years before.

Joe was (is) a classical old world guy. Very provincial in his love of all Italian. He couldn't grasp the 24" front wheel design I was planning to make for my wife. We talked building and tried to find common ground. I bought an item or two and went on. When we first met he was driving a school bus for Parma. Doing his building in between the morning and afternoon shifts.

Over the years he opened a shop on Cleveland's SW side. It catered to the local racers from what my customers said, being open only part time it didn't "make it big". I have to admit that after my first meeting and his painter referral (which turned out to be very disappointing) I didn't have much interest in working with him. Additionally we were competerors in business as I had Bike One in Cleveland Heights then. Frame experience was a drawing card for my shop and Joe's shop.

I did pay attention to his changing focus. As his tools got better and a wider recognition I reconsidered what I thought and years later I now own some of them.

I have only seen a few of his frames. All KOF and very traditional in their look and style. Only racer designs, he might have done tourers as well but I didn't see any. They all looked well built and I never had one come through my shop for a frame problem. (Unlike another Ohio builder sold elsewhere in town).

A few years ago we met up at a NHABS and shared a few minutes of conversation. I think I'd like to have known him better, in hind sight.

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Joe Bringheli a KOF who knew? I have meet him at shows and talked with him but never remembered hearing he is a frame builder. Anybody have one or history about them? Thanks

Jimmy Katynski
Troy Michigan