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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 17:46:52 GMT
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Indeed an unusual combination. I'd like to see the BB shell cutout. It looks to me like that is actually one of the earlier yet crowns that are common to the '69 Colnagos. Can't really tell for sure what crown that is. Someone needs to ask the seller for some better pics of the crown and some under BB shell shots. That would help a lot.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

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Subject: [CR] The Crown on That Colorful Colnago
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As mentioned in a previous post, this is a seemingly rare combination of fork crown details... (Sheesh! Will this plot EVER stop thickening???) This semi-sloping, scalloped (Wagner?) crown, with two holes on the sides, is typically found on Supers up until about '71, at which point blank Cinelli 'MC' style crowns became the standard (still with holes on the sides)...for all of a year or so, until the club logo first appears on the shoulders of them. I obsessed over these crown details for a couple of years while trying to make/obtain an appropriate fork for my '71 Super restoration project. In all of my internet scouring and image collecting, I have never seen this early style crown with any logos on it. And this "C around the club" style did not appear until the early-80's, as far as I knew. Anybody ever see this combo before?

Matthew Bowne Brooklyn, New York


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