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Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 12:34:33 -0500
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<< I hear the restaurants and downtown area are really nice. >> Rich and all:

I am still looking for recommendations for a CR Breakfast location for Saturday morning. I have no idea how things are laid out there near this event. Anybody got any good ideas?

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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Thanks for the hotel tip.... unfortunately, it's all booked up. As well, the $129 Courtyard block is gone. I did grab a room over at the Rennaisance Inn.... @ the $149 rate. sounds like rooms are goin fast !!

I hear the restaurants and downtown area are really nice. (still huntin down a bike solution!)

Rich Pinder Sherman Oaks, CA

On 01/18/11 8:57 PM, Donald Murphey wrote:
> The San Jose on South Congress is a small cool motel close to the middle of town and all the action. Cool architects are like cool bike builders, this place is by Lake and Flato, the good stuff in Texas.
> I hope the CR list folks get together for a meal in Austin and a ride.
> Don Murphey
> Born in Austin
> Living in Fort Worth Tx
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> .... maybe a ride out to a town called 'Bee Cave' ?
> The conference hotel rate is $129 - the Courtyard....
> Anyone know of anything a bit more 'quaint' - Ken... nothin like the BBB
> in Austin, ya think ??
> Rich Pinder
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