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Subject: Re: [CR] Attracting women with bicycles, or not

Afternoon all. I was joking with a friend of mine, who suggested that we may have a bit more interest from the ladies if we were at attach a trailer filled with Italian shoes and handbags. While this list knows allot about bicycles and trailers, our collective knowledge of woman's shoes and handbags wouldn't fill the space between the handlebar and the stem clamp. Here's hoping that when we see that lovely lady on a classic bike, we have the speed in our legs to catch her. Tom HarrimanSan Francisco, Ca
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> It just happens
> > that the bicycle is capable of creating an intoxicating
> > combination of physical, mechanical, aesthetic and
> > intellectual passions that, combined with the sheer joy of
> > the using, is undeniably attractive to those who get it.
> >
> > Or I may be completely full of hooey.
> Brian Baylis may recall, he and I and Dave Tesch were at a pizza joint, or a taco joint, I forget which, after work, having food and beer, and Dave was in a fine moody, talking enthusiastically about everything about his bikes, and then he topped it off with: "Man, is it ever great to talk about framebuilding with a woman when you're in bed!!!"
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