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Thanks a lot, Mike. That is good to hear, because the Universal 61's are hard to mount on Cinellis, and I happen to have the levers and calipers you mentioned! Do you remember any of the other equipment on the bike? Josh Berger Bronx, NY USA _cino1947@aol.com_ (

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Josh and list, I remember seeing a picture of Kapitonov and his bike after the Olympic victory on the Cinelli-homepage. Kapitonov used Mafac Dural forge brakes and Universal Brake levers, a combination often used by the pros at the day. I tried to find the pic again, but it is not there anymore. There was also the story that Cino Cinelli gave Kapitonov a SC after his victory,as a present, since Cino did not like that Kapitonov only had the "lesser" B-Model.


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As a lifelong Cinelii-phile, I couldn't resist the recent eBay offering of

a 1960 Model B frame, in my size (60 c-t) and classic silver grey, because it duplicated what was ridden to gold by the Russian Viktor Kapitonov at

the 1960 Rome olympic road race. This is arguably the greatest moment in Cinelli history since the company never sponsored a team. (There was also

Ole Ritter's hour record). My good friend Norm Hellman often speaks about the '60 games, especially the bike races, and he fueled my interest.

_seltener Cinelli Modell B Rahmen/frame - 60iger Jahre bei Fahrradteile (endet 19.01.11 19:50:34 MEZ)_ ( I thought it would be fun to build up the bike with an approximation of what gear could have been on Kapitonov's bike. Maybe some folks on the list

have ideas. -BB: The frame comes with a Stronglight BB, so maybe there was a 57 crank.

Otherwise, a 151 Campy Record. -Pedals: Campy Record (all chrome) -Rear der.: Campy Gran Sport -Front der.: Campy Record with cable stop and corresponding bb cable guide -Shifters: Campy Gran Sport -Freewheel: Regina Gransport -Chain: Regina? -Brakes: Universal 51. The 61 was released the next year, right? -Hubs: Campy Record large flange, 36h -Rims: Fiamme yellow or red label tubulars -Tubulars:Clement Seta -Bar and stem: 3TTT - Seatpost: Campy Record -Saddle: Brooks Competition Standard -Headset: Campy Record -Spokes: Stella -Toeclips and straps:?? -Stem mounted bottle cage: Reg

And if anyone is interested, Cinelli has released a replica of Kapitonov's

jersey as worn during the '60 olympics: | New Products | Cinelli Short Sleeve Retro Cycling Jersey_ (

Many thanks, Josh Berger Bronx, NY USA _cino1947@aol.com_ ( _______________________________________________ Classicrendezvous mailing list