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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 18:45:24 +0100
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Subject: [CR] City Bike's; Bianchi's, Dei's,Etc.....

Hi Cory and All, This subject of city bikes is pretty much not going to go under the heading of "acceptable" list discussions as they are not classified as, and are not "lightweights". However, before we dismiss the subject all together, all should understand that their is indeed lots of overlap! In fact, as with the famed Gloria Garibaldina, one would be able to "switch out" certain parts of a city bike and off her as a racer! Their is reportedly (here-say I admit, as I have never seen her) one such "poseur" making her way around the World's collector circles! Sally and I both ride Bianchi city bikes ( from the early 1960's) around town and I will tell you that these types of bicycle's open up yet another aspect of cycling. I also have a lightweight Umberto Dei city bike from about 1965-70. They all have the fully encased chain which makes maintenance an every 50 year proposition, save for flat tires. Oh, but when you gotta take off that rear wheel, get ready for some strong cuss-in! One must be careful, just to point out, that originality is paramount as with any other collectible. The Bianchi offered here does not carry her original wheels. These seem to be later mountain bike stuff with the incorrect type rims for "barchetta" type brakes. The real deal has steel hubs marked "BIANCHI". The Bianchi's and Dei's had cranks, hubs, chain cases, saddles, brake levers, etc. with their names on um. So, the point is, iffin yer gonna jump in, do the research first, cause find'n that kind o stuff in the good ol' U.S. of A. ain't gonna be too easy!

anywayz, enjoy,

John T.Pergolizzi Torino, Italia

On Jan 24, 2011, at 7:27 AM, corey@foxgalleria.com wrote:
> FS: BIANCHI Extra 50's City Bike
> I know just enough to be dangerous, and also to recognize that this
> is a special bike. The headbadge, pin stripping, integrated headset
> and nicely crafted bullet seat stays pointed me to this fact. The
> size seems to be a medium, the seat tube is 55cm center to center
> and the top tube is 57cm. But maybe city bikes aren't measured the
> same way as road bikes, considering the stubby stem and handlebars
> that wrap around to the rider. There is plenty of rust... er
> charming patina, but the bike works fine and tracks straight, until
> the rear clincher tire blew off the rim on my ride home from the gas
> station where I found this beauty quietly resting in the back.
> A few photos can be seen here:
> http://www.foxgalleria.com/bici/bianchi
> I'd like to offer this bike to cr listers first. I'm asking 350
> Euros (or an interesting trade in size 55cm, road bikes from the
> 90's are more my thing). HOWEVER, I don't want to ship it. To get
> the bike into a correctly sized box, I'd have to dismantle a lot of
> it and the rusty bolts concern me, another concern is that it weighs
> almost a ton. So you'll have to pass by northern Italy (3 hours west
> of Milan or 3 hours south of Munich) to pick up this queen of a bike
> or arrange for some kind of transfer.
> Corey Sar Fox
> Bolzano, Italy