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Hi Dale, and list:

I like the looks of that Holdsworth a lot, but I am partial to Holdsworths, as their importer (Rick Kanter at Security Bicycle Accessories) gave me one back in 1984 as my first sponsored bike (for an SF to LA cycling record).

Other than the carbon fork, and the 11-speed drivetrain, what don't you like about it? Not enough tire clearance? I am crazily tempted to get one, but I shouldn't say that's crazy as I am sure my collection of 17 bikes is meager in size and scope compared to my esteemed CR brethren.

BTW, there's a shot of me with my 1984 Holdsworth in this Rough Riding report:

Yours in sport, Chris Kostman La Jolla, CA

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> This is interesting. Sent to me by Mick Butler. One of the better
> attempts at recreating the past. But, as with all such attempts, it
> comes up a bit short as compared to the real thing, at least in my
> opinion.
> HoldsworthProfessional.pdf
> Dale Brown
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