Re: [CR] FS: 54cm Rivendell, made by Richard Sachs

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Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 13:58:33 -0800 (PST)
From: "Joe Starck" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR] FS: 54cm Rivendell, made by Richard Sachs

"the original light blue color"

Lou, I can't recall any RS Riv's painted in the Spring Valley shop. Was this bike originally painted by Joe Bell, or another? And the re-paint?

There was a time when Rivendell's were painted a light blue that was exceedingly lustrous. Recently, I watched a Brando film, "The Fugitive Kind," and the Brando lead described a type of bird, a light blue bird, said to sleep in the wind. I asked myself, "hmmm, was the blue that once came on Rivendells lighter than the light blue birds that sleep in the wind?" And then I thought, hmmm, there's a Rivendell Reader headline for ya, a revival issue of the original light blue paint: "When Paul Was Saul And Light Blue Was Lighter Than The Light Blue Birds That Sleep In The Wind." I say all this, because, for those who like blue, the original blue I've seen did kinda have a floating quality about it, like it was a frameset of blue cloud.

Joe Starck
Madison, Wisconsin USA

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\r?\n> This is a special bike, but the reason I bought it will not

\r?\n> be realized. It has S&S couplers for travel. I bought it

\r?\n> thinking I would travel with it, but two things happened.

\r?\n> First, it is too nice for me to pack it. And second, some

\r?\n> airlines now charge huge fees if you declare that the box

\r?\n> contains a bike, even if it meets their size limitations for

\r?\n> checked bags. I am offering the frame/fork/headset, spare

\r?\n> fork, custom painted to match Rivendell (Nitto lugged) stem

\r?\n> (100mm), S&S tool, Bruce Gordon quick disconnects for

\r?\n> the derailleur cables, hard S&S travel case, & soft

\r?\n> S&S travel case, with velcro protective sleeves for the

\r?\n> frame tubes for $2950 shipped within 48 states. The size is

\r?\n> 54cm c-c seattube and 55cm c-c toptube. The serial number is

\r?\n> RS1, indicating it was the first Richard Sachs made

\r?\n> Rivendell. I don't think Richard made many. The original

\r?\n> owner had it built for short reach brakes, but later became

\r?\n> convinced he needed long reach for larger tires and fenders.

\r?\n> Goodric

\r?\n> h built a second fork, which is the one painted to match

\r?\n> the frame. The brake bridge was also moved. I have the

\r?\n> original fork in the original light blue color and it is

\r?\n> included. The bike was then modified for couplers and

\r?\n> repainted. Excellent condition. I have more pictures

\r?\n> available.  One pic at the link below. Email me direct

\r?\n> at

\r?\n> I will deliver to Greensboro in May for $100 less. 





\r?\n> Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA