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Here's a link to Pino Morroni's left side drive track bike (TI too) The theory being that the heavier crank traveled a shorter distance being on the left (inside)... 5185766009013150050


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Yes counterclockwise is correct. Years ago the "story" was that we went counterclockwise direction because of our heart being more on the left side and it was more natural for our body rhythm and balance in that direction. In the '70's they had a 1km masters race at Encino Velodrome which was tricky for the old timers as they were all used to leaning left and then to lean right was so counter-intuitive that we held our breath because it was a little shaky for the 5 guys and the sprint was hands over eyes with enuf of a crack in fingers to look thru and pick places' Don Peterson ,SanJose, Ca was first, Scotty Macdonald, South Bay Wheelmen, Torrance, Ca, second, and Clem Wilson,South Bay Wheelmen, Manhattan Beach, Ca, third. That was the first and last time. Guys used to play around doing that every once in a while. Al Schelstraete of Delhi , Canada did that with another guy and they collided head on without helmets, back in the '40's I think. Al ended up with a silver plate in his head and no more cycling career.
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