Re: [CR] Fraud Alert-Fake "Ferretti Team Bike On eBay"

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Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 13:30:29 -0800 (PST)
From: "Joe Starck" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Fraud Alert-Fake "Ferretti Team Bike On eBay"

--- On Thu, 1/27/11, Dr. Rodney Handsfield <> wrote:
> This is Bike is listed by our old
> friend Ken Denny, I emailed him asking for
> an explanation/clarification.  This is his response:
> YOU are a "fake", and
> your information is completely incorrect!
> Best Regards from Boston,
> Ken
> In regards to the authenticity of this bike, fake vs. real,
> I'm inclined to
> ask the old "if it quacks like a duck." question regarding
> this subject.

Q: Atmo, Doctor, what does a duck's aflac have to do with aamco?   

A: "chicken's feet" A: "charm and mojo"

This post is written in crypto-code, as my mulitple-choice A's are actual Ken Denny quotes, sent off-list to me aproximately a semi-decade ago, similarly regarding "authenticity."

Know what? Methinks I'd like to build a frame, a lugged frame, and finish-file it with fine-grade files only. That is to say, no emory cloth would touch it. That'd be the experiment. I'd "Chuck Schmidt" a proper decal for it though, for sure, to signify the omission of cloth. Heck, I'd stack the decals totemic-style, for example: atop the Henry James, atop the Tru-Temper, atop the painter's decal, etc. I bet Curt Goodrich would be game for this experiment too. He actually has a frameshop. I do not.

Joe Starck
Madison, Wisconsin USA