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Subject: [CR] Maxi-Car Hubs

Others will probably start barking at me, but my experience with Maxi-Cars was less than stellar.

In 2002 I received a brand new built for me Alex Singer bike from France, it had all the candy, including the vaunted Maxi-Car hubs.

Spinning the axles between my fingers, they felt "grindy" - like a cheap hub.

I spent quite a lot of time messing around with them, and then finally threw in the towel and built up a set of wheels with Phil hubs, which are on the bike to this day.

Now others will jump in and tell me that they know of Maxi-Car hubs that have been ridden all over the world and are still going strong with no maintenance after millions of miles.

Maybe it's just a matter of personal preference, but I was very disappointed with them.

Nelson, left hand thread would almost have to be . threaded for a drum brake ? Meant for use only in the southern hemisphere, or in countries where they drive on the wrong side of the road ? Or maybe a track hub? Can't imagine.

I should also note that cycling legend Spence Wolf's Alex Singer bicycle . was equipped with Phil Wood hubs.


Several years ago, I laced up a pair of wheels with NOS Maxi-Car hubs.

Tried to put on a freewheel, and it wouldn't go.. measured it, yep, it

was French diameter and pitch.. Freewheel was the same.. Upon close

inspection, I discovered that the freewheel threading on the hub was

left-hand thread. Any suggestions?

Nelson Miller // Seattle, WA // USA


Mark Petry

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