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Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 18:48:34 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR] Was: Rebecca Twigg. Now Jocelyn Lovell

<<.. I believe Jocelyn is alive and doing well. >>

Oops. My mistake! You can never believe everything you read on the Internet! Sorry JL!

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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I believe Jocelyn is alive and doing well. Last I heard from Mike B and others who know him, he was living on his own, driving a fitted van, and doing some coaching. To say he was pretty good is like saying Eddy M was OK. Well maybe not quite but, he was great. Best North American in his day, second in the Kilometre in the worlds, won every crit and road race there was to win. He was IMHO the most elegant rider I have ever seen. He never turned a pedal that was not a circle. Edward Albert, beaten by him weekly for a number of years in Canada, in Chappaqua, New York, U.S.A.

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Yes, in a wheel chair since the early 1980s. He had a line of high end bikes for a while. Does anyone on our list have an example of his bikes?

I just found this bit of info online: << Jocelyn Lovell starting making bike frames from his own workshop in the early eighties. After his tragic accident the business was closed. I believe that Mike Mulholland of Cyclops Cycles bought his equipment. Both the Lovell and Cyclops bikes have a place in Canadian bicycle history. Both were reasonably well made. After his accident a good number of Lovell bikes were made by Velosport in Quebec. I believe some of the procedes went to the Spinal Cord Society. The bikes were of mediocre quality. ...(snip)..... Mike Barry.>>

I also see that Lovell passed away in 2005.

Also: << Once a grand Canadian marque, highly revered and sought after by all, the Lovell name has been bought by a distributor and is now known as Lovell USA. No longer are these lovingly handmade one-by-one by skilled Canadian craftsmen, but mass-produced Asian imports adorned with Lovell decals and low direct-to-consumer prices>>

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I found this story about Jocelyn Lovell. I did not know he had been paralyzed. He raced in the Northwest, I was in at least one race that he was in. Pretty good rider, to say the least.

Jim Merz Big Sur CA

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I did not have much to do with Rebecca, but had one incident where I saw her ride. Have no idea on the year, but one time I was at the finish of Seattle to Portland watching the first finishers. I seem to remember she was going with Jocelyn Lovell at the time, and he was out to be first in this ride. He came in first, some crazy fast time. Then about 15 min. later came a tandem team, with Rebecca right behind them. She was not even entered, just went for a ride! Anyway, maybe I am not remembering this correctly but I do remember being impressed.

Jim Merz Big Sur CA

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> Well, I don't have any mementos of Rebecca, except maybe the poster of her
> on her Benotto bike and 7-11 jersey and white Duegis, but I have a lot of
> memories. We were both on the Velocipede team the summer she started
> racing, 1977. She rode in the track nationals that year, a month after the
> first time she rode the track (on a borrowed Davidson track bike, by the
> way), and won her age category. She was just 14, and living back and forth
> between her divorced parents. She was just out of 8th grade, and heading to
> the University of Washington in the fall. Yes, she skipped high school
> entirely. I kept her bikes running, and picked her up at one parent or
> another's house and took her to the races. She was sweet, and naive, and
> determined. Smart as a whip, but not a lick of common sense. Guess that
> had to come with more maturity. We both switched to Rainbow Cycling club in
> 1980, when Kolin and De la Rosa moved to town and started it, along with
> Northwest Cycle, where I we
> nt to work. Through their many connections, they were able to get her
> sponsorship from Schwinn, who made her several nice light bikes. Mike
> hammered at her relentlessly, seeing the potential in her, and saw her
> through a couple more nationals until she got tapped by Eddie Borysewicz for
> the national team. We followed her along in a great career, culminating in
> 16 US Championships and 6 World Championships. I last saw her a few years
> ago at a Marymoor Velodrome dinner, kid in tow, a mature young lady.
> Following along in mom's footsteps, already divorced. She had been married
> for a short time to Mark Whitehead, a hotheaded young racer himself. She
> had attained a PhD from the UW and was working as a biologist.
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> Laddies, gladdies, baddies, caddies, and daddies -- who've I left out? --
> not
> he Australian framebuilder, who fav's the red as much or more as I do,
> ergo,
> I've had me a half bottle o' cabernet see, just right nowso -- a demi or a
> semi
> onthly occurrance? I forget -- and I also happened to be a-diggin' amongst
> me
> ersonals see, and lo and behold, as I held it in my hand, the first thought
> hat entered my mind was, that one o' youse bloody bike aces would shirley
> fancy
> he pleasure of proclaiming, in yer best docent demeanor, "This here is a
> letter
> ritten to Joe Starck, from Rebecca Twigg."
> It's got flowery borders, and if I knew my stationary from my Aunt who'd be
> my
> ncle if she had balls, I'd cough up some accurate descriptive details of
> this
> etter's paper, but I'll leave that to Ole Shiffer, cuz I happens to know he
> nows his crocus from his sharmin better than I do.
> Dated "May 26, 1993," this letter is. Yours for $50. $50.01 if you are
> Ernst.
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