[CR] Help with Camp FD screws

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Subject: [CR] Help with Camp FD screws

Donald, do you know of a link to someone who is selling first generation Campagnolo FD pivot arm screws? These are the slotted head screws that hold the pivot arms to the body. They are NOT the screws/pressed-in pins that hold the pivot arms to the cage.

If you or anyone else on the list has these screws I will pay $25.00 PER screw. But they have to be the real deal; not crap from Lowe's. I will pay an additional $25.00 for the lower pivot arm; this arm is different from all other Campagnolo lower arms in that the lower female section of said arm spans the entire length of the body's lower protruding shaft.

So if anyone has an old first generation Campagnolo FD that has seen better days or has a cracked body, etc, please contact me off-list with photos so as I can promptly send you cash with PayPal.

Ted Baer Palo Alto, CA USA

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On Jan 18, 2011, at 8:01 AM, gillies@ece.ubc.ca (donald gillies) wrote:
> Hugh,
> An auction for Stronglight 57 chainring fasteners (I was searching for
> "stronglight chainring") that are MADE by this guy was what led me to
> the Stronglight crankset auction :
> http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n89132011
> His stuff is expensive at about $110 a set, but when you machine
> things from scratch there is a lot of labor (hours) involved to make 5
> + 5 items. For 10x items, made from scratch and plated, the price is
> fair imho.
> If you have no other source, I would recommend that your save your
> pennies and buy his fasteners because it will saves you hours (10+) of
> searching and is therefore cheap (use the time you save to go for a
> ride and get healthy, drop your health club membership to pay for the
> chainring fasteners, etc ...)
> - Don Gillies
> San Diego, CA,USA