[CR] Installing Campy brake hoods

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Subject: [CR] Installing Campy brake hoods

The campy brake lever bodies can be easily removed from the bars by removing the cables and getting at the 8mm nut under the lever.

Unscrew this nut, don't lose the washer.

Now you have the lever in your hand, and slip the hood on from the backside.

If dish soap does'nt work, try hairspray as a lubricant! To be truly old school, find a can of "Alberto VO-5"

Re-assembly is a reversal of disassembly.

Given how expensive the hoods are, I would not do this any other way. Stretching it over the lever will almost surely rip it.

Other brake levers can be removed as well, but there's a little trick with the clamp nut so you can capture it with the bolt when you re-install!

Mark Petry

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