[CR] need help by identifying 2 french/belgian frames

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From: Arno Volkers <arnovolkers@hotmail.com>
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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 17:18:41 +0000
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Subject: [CR] need help by identifying 2 french/belgian frames

Dear People,

last two months i bought 2 french / Belgian (in my opinion) campagnolo equipped bikes from the 1950/1960's. the problem is i don't know what brand both bikes are, they both have campagnolo dropouts. the rusty one has got a EDA bottom bracket and a Nervor fork tube, in the champagne coloured there are no inscriptions only two serials, one in the bottom bracket and one on the back of the forkcrown: 12687

does anyone recognize these bike by the lugwork? i made some pictures of it (see the links below) the champagne coloured bike is beautifully made with fine thin lugwork, done with care. the rusty one is a little bit more rough build and has got guides for electric cables, probably this is more a tourer model.

just have a look at the pictures:



bike setup before stripping frame:

the rusty one:

aluminium Balilia centerpul brakes and levers

1970 campagnolo rear derailleur

1960 campagnolo front derailleur

1960's campagnolo record highflange hubs with unkown rims

steel chromed douglas stem (looks like a titan stem) 1963 campagnolo con sfere da bottom bracket

1960's clamp shifters

Zeus headset

the champagne one:

very early gran sport hubs with steel inner parts

1960's campagnolo front derailler

mafac dual forge racer brakes

3ttt gran prix stem

zeus bottom bracket

first generation nuovo record patent rear derailleur


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