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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 11:26:41 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR] colnago crown

Edward Albert wrote:

I would have to agree with Matthew on this. I have never seen a Colnago super fork crown with both the C around the club and the dots on the side. Did someone, in the refinishing, fill in the dots? Edward Albert


Very cool crown on that bike, but probably not especially anomalous. Colnagos confined to Europe often looked different in certain details from those that were imported to America. I recall a post from one of our Dutch members some years ago, in which he said that in the 1970s and beyond, Colnago would make a bike just about any way you wanted it, if you worked with a dealer who had that kind of relationship with Colnago, or if you were lucky enough to work directly with a factory rep, or Colnago himself. I have an early 70s colnago, for instance, that was originally sold in Europe that has a number of cosmetic features not usually seen on Colnagos of that vintage that came to America.

I had a colnago track bike from the very early 70s that had a crown just like the one on the ebay bike, except, of course, it was a track crown for round blades. But the flower/club inside the C was used at that time on the top of would not have been a big deal to make a mold for the road crown that included that feature.

One thing I noticed about the ebay bike: the lugs are faired/smoothed into the tubes in a way usually seen on slightly later colnagos. For some years I owned a colnago from that time that had quite distinct lug-edges, with very little filing, far as I could tell, and very thin original paint. It may be the paint-job has slightly blurred the edges of the lugs on the ebay bike, too.

The ebay bike is very neat..but I sure would have preferred original paint.

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