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Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 12:36:00 -0800
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Subject: [CR] Subject: Dromarti - Announcing the Corio Glove


A cotton-lined winter cycling glove is a bad deal at any price, but especially at a price that high.

Cotton, which holds over 100 per cent of its own weight in water, is the worst fabric for any cool- or cold-weather activities. (Just imagine wearing a sopping wet bath towel or pair of jeans for insulation on a cold, windy day.)

A wool-lined glove would have been just as on-topic (or more so) and far more useful once dampened by sweat or rain.

Wool is warm when wet and holds only 40 per cent of its fabric weight in water. Silk, the best of the natural fibers at moisture management and insulating ("wicking"), holds about half of what wool does in its fibers, by weight.

Synthetics hold between 1 -5 per cent of their fabric weights in water, which is why these fabrics (polypropylene, polyesters, acrylics, etc., some of them highly-off-topic) are preferred for base layers and jerseys worn in variable or cooler conditions and for aerobic activities: get rid of the moisture and you stay more comfortable - in any conditions....

Even when I was in college and dirt-poor I knew better than to wear cotton garments when I was going to be out in the rain all day on a bike, on foot, or on skis. (That's why we called the "snow" near Eugene "Cascade Cement," but I digress... :-)

Ragg wool gloves with leather palms, inexpensive wool surplus liner gloves under industrial-strength rubber gloves, and a host of other cheap options worked well in the steady Willamette (accent the "a" for proper pronunciation) Valley rains and were much more affordable than the cotton-lined Dromartis or their back-in-the-day equivalents...

Jon Spangler thinking of long-ago rain in sunny but cold Alameda, CA USA

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Is it just me or does $164 bucks seem a little stiff for a pair of winter riding gloves... Michael Levy Woodland Hills CA Windy clear 69o "Life is like a 10 speed bike.... Most of us have gears we never use" Charles Schultz

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Announcing the Dromarti Corio Glove Hand made from Nappa leather with a snug cotton fleece lining, classically styled, and beautiful to the touch. Featuring slim palm padding and side zip opening with leather puller, providing excellent comfort and control. The contrasting red leather detailing perfectly complements the black leather to produce a stylish and practical glove that can be comfortably used both on and off the bike. A must for the serious cyclist. Order at http://www.dromarti.com 01372 800 792

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