Re: [CR] silk/seta tubular ride

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From: "John" <>
To: George Hollenberg <>
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Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2011 22:23:41 +0100
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Subject: Re: [CR] silk/seta tubular ride

> George Hollenberg wrote:
> "using untreated silk tubies
> in wet weather isn't a very good practice."

I don't know where you guys get some of your info. No need to propagate mis-information. Here's the truth: Track tires have side walls that have no coating; it's not necessary. It only adds weight. A road tire's side walls are coated to help prevent moisture from getting to the silk. The issue with water and silk is that if not dried properly, the water will promote rot in the silk. I don't think water weakens the silk at the moment of um.....soaking. Maybe I'm wrong on that. Whose got the empirical tests on pull strength of wet verses dry natural materials? Water will not affect the latex or butyl tube, so a silk tire used in the rain is not going to loose air any faster then when used in the dry. Period. Unless of course "they lost their reputation due to rapid air loss-very rapid especially in wet conditions." because of a flat. Of course using a silk in the rain is going to increase it's chances of flatting, as with any tire. The water tends to get all those road jammies and goobers up and moving about. A flat on a silk is sad. In the rain, your all wet. I remember my second road race, back in 77. In the rain, prospect park, Clement green label Seta Extra's! About half way through the front flatted and I got to walk to the start/finish line. I fixed her, she was fine, and I never sprung for another pair. They were original equipment on my Raleigh Pro in 76. Those or Vittoria Imprefforabile Seta's. Nice stuff. That FMB stuff is tops. I'm gonna have to spring one of these days.

enjoy in the dry or the wet, silk, cotton or even nylon,

John Pergolizzi