Re: [CR] Pics of my 72 Faema Masi

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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 13:29:03 -0000
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Subject: Re: [CR] Pics of my 72 Faema Masi

Hi Bob, Mmm. Not sure if this Faema bike is actually one of Eddy's?

I'm a big fan of Eddy and I can't say I've ever seen photos of him on a frame with the slotted chainstays...[Gimondi yes, on his Chiardo?]........this frame also looks too large for Eddy going by the size of the head tube.

It's obviously got NOS Campag stuff on it, which some of it is of a later period, such as the brakes with plastic coated brake pad holders....on a previous photo of what I assume to be the same bike it had the black alloy pedals and a later front gear [can't see the detail on this image] but the steel Cinelli stem, though very desirable, is wrong for this bike...... Just my thoughts, which may be totally wrong of course....

Cheers Kevin Sayles Leeds West Yorkshire UK

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Love the bike!

Have you seen these photos of Eddy's original bike - now restored by Alberto Masi himself...