[CR] crusty bertin id/date, and advice

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Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 17:30:40 -0800
From: "david sea" <davidsea2009@gmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR] crusty bertin id/date, and advice

hey all,

i recently picked up a bertin frame/fork/headset, in rough crusty rusty shape. i'm planning on doing something about the corrosion, on the fork blades, stays, and dropouts.

here are some pictures:


i'm not neseccarily ready to do the full restoration just yet(as far as quality paint job and decals, though i believe this bike is deserving of that good treatment). i may just build it as a fixed gear with on topic components and fenders, and ride it! i've been in the habit if trying many new frames that come to me as fixed gear and then later geared bikes. anyways, first i want to see what things look like under all that rust. my buddy's idea was to just treat the the areas that look the worst. wire wheel to the heavily corroded areas: fork blades, stays and dropouts, and protect the frame with black spraypaint as a tempory measure. this way i can ride the bike without feeling the rust is advancing so quickly.

is this a viable solution? temporarily?

other than the places where the frame was chromed, corrosion does not look so bad, surprisingly no cancer/bubbling under the paint, and inside the tubes is not as scary as one might imagine, although some frame saver is definately in order!

i wanted to have/share photos as the bike as found before i change it's appearance. anyone know what year and model? i had a late 60's C37 that looked alot like this bike, but it was in very nice shape with lovely lug lining and pin striping done. it also had the same treatment at the dropouts, plugs on either side of the dropout, easier to finish i guess? but more parts. how long did bertin use these? notice the huge seatstay caps too:) they hang off the tube alot!

thanks in advance for any good advice/info. where is chas colerich? :)

david cox
portland, or