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We are an anorak bunch sweating all the details of the logos, fonts and hyphens on tools!

I'm not criticizing...just saying... They are cool tools I'd like to have.

Jon M. Crate Marietta, Georgia USA

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Than I have another version that is like the older one you have pictured but minus the hyphens between Patent & Campagnolo. Mine also has the previous owners name on it but in marker.

Len Diamond

Ridgewood, New Jersey USA


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the tool might appear identical to your later version in design and function but the logo seems to be of the earlier type..

compare the photos here: 90/ and here: 46/

early tools like these are rarely seen and not particularly sought after but I find them very interesting.. especially when you can hear a bit about their original owner's history.. thanks Ted !

andrei padlowski brooklyn, ny

On 01/22/2011 10:05 PM, Ancient Cycles wrote:
> I was surprised to see a very early Campagnolo dishing gauge offered
> alongside two much newer freewheel wrenches on ebay..
> (also very much dismayed to have been outbid)
> see
> < 500&si=vtubsI2tlckRwkCpTGy0myQm%252BIw%253D&viewitem=> &rt=nc&nma=true&item0492041500&si=vtubsI2tlckRwkCpTGy0myQm%252BIw%253D&vi ewitem> or

The dishing tool appears identical to the one that came in my tool kit I bought new, directly from Campagnolo in 1984. The freewheel tools are also identical, and I remember being disappointed because they were the old version of the tool, designed to fit old 2-prong Regina freewheels, rather than the new tool with the helical prongs for Campy's own freewheel which had recently been released.


-John Thompson (john(AT)
Appleton WI USA