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Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 19:06:32 +0100
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Thank you for your message, these little stories like the moonlight with the employees, nice .... something like this should be publziert ... A similar history of looking I Chesini, in Verona, I once picked up a wheel, Friday morning, picked and selected components to the Saturday night I was able to get it done. now on friday morning mr Chesini was even there, a very young man, on Saturday a completely different, which was also the lord Chesini ... time to 1980, it was very modern and elegant with us in Germany to pick up his wheels in person at Chesini, so he had ordered that every employee once a German into his little came as Mr Chesini imagine hundette thus are "real " chesinis ended up with us, all of it "personally" Georg Michael Germany, Bavaria
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> List,
> I have a Liotto, bought as a Frame/Fork from Tunisia on Ebay in the
> summer of 2009. Can't find a whole lot about it either, beyond the
> Vicenza and Campagnolo connection. There was a tale floating around
> one of the forums that Gino Liotto often hired Campagnolo employees
> to moonlight in his shop.
> Mine has the long drop-outs (no eyes!) in the rear, which would place
> it as early 70's. The Liotto logos are hand-painted with two colors,
> with a real nicely patina'd silver paint job. It was missing the
> headbadge so I had a simple one made up locally. I outfitted it with
> Super Record components, all with different dates. It's a rider, so
> the hodgepodge of dates doesn't offend me...
> Beyond that, it fits me well and rides great.
> Tom Beattie
> Cccccold in Warwick RI USA
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> Hello from germany to all...
> today i get an old LIOTTO Lady Racer with full DURA-ACE First
> Generation...
> A nice bike but driven for a long time...
> Colour is Gold-green or so....
> at Classicrendezvous i cannot find any information about Liotto...
> i anybody of members a specialist or had any information from Liotto
> ???
> Thanks very much... (sorry my english)
> Georg Michael
> Germany, Bavaria
> Rosenheim
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