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The bike is a rebadged Gitane, most likely a Tricolore model with Huret Challenger derailleurs rather than Spidel (Simplex) derailleurs. It was near the top of their offering at the time.

During the mid to late 70s Gitane offered some models with the Helyett marque. I've never seen a later model bike like this one with Heylett decals on any information on Gitane Helyett bikes for those years.

These links from the 1980 Gitane catalog on the GitaneUSA website show the Gitane Tricolore model. Right click to get a larger view.

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The Tricolore had a Spidel gruppo with as I mentioned above, Spidel (Simplex) derailleurs, Spidel (MAFAC) side pull brakes with calipers made by Modolo. It also had a Spidel (Simplex) alloy seat post.

The eBay bike has MAFAC Racer brakes with Spidel? (Modolo) levers. According to the listing, the hoods are marked Weinmann. The hoods were probably replacements that were made for some uncommon larger size Weinmann levers that had the same dimension hoods as Campy, Modolo and so on.

Gitane produced models with slightly or completely different components depending on the market they were being sold into.

The seat and seat post have also been changed with a 3TTT post replacing whatever was originally on the bike plus the "Selle competition" saddle.

The frame is made with either Super Vitus 971 or 980 tubing, either of which would make a very nice riding bike.

I'm all biked out for a while or else I'd be interested in this one.... ><

Chas. Colerich Oakland, CA USA

christian godart wrote:
> For auction on e-bay FRANCE NUMBER : 260726569781
> Bike HELYETT super vitus also French Year 1980?
> H 52 Lg 53,5
> Christian GODART
> TAVERNY Ile de France FRANCE