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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 11:42:55 +0000 (GMT)
From: "Hugh Thornton" <>
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I wonder if  Nick misinterpreted the blue areas of the decal for clear because of the blue paint on the frame.  It seems to me that the only clear is between the shield and the scrolls - not much at all.  I do not believe that this would be too hard at all.

Hugh Thornton
Cheshire, England

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Re: Decals.. Easy..? not exactly..

Just to keep it somewhat interesting, I sent clips from the best photos I had to Nick at HLloyds to inquire about costs for reproduction of decals for the Hilton Wrigley. Here is the kind response I received.

"Dear Owen

For technical reasons it is not possible to repro this decal on the machine I run, nor I think, on many others. This is because of the large areas of clear in the decal. Doing a waterslide production run would be technically feasible, but print costs would be knocking a thousand gbp and you would get 200! Artwork costs for any solution are going to be in the region of 175 gbp.

All horribly pricy and I guess not worth it, but maybe you will feel otherwise...........

N Regards Nick T "

It does appear that the original crest on head and seat tube, as well as the down tube script are all hand-painted and were not transfers. Producing a set of masks and re-painting may be possible, or one-off vinyl.

My church lady graphic artist brigade is having a go, so I await what they have to say.

I just thought others would find this interesting. Please do not slur Nick or HLloyds. He gave his answer and advice quite politely. The technical constraint is of interest.

Owen \u201cof the Ilk\u201d Wrigley
Vienna, VA