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An attendee wrote:

<<... I noticed almost immediately theBattleground Inn was full. >>

Unfortunatelythat place only has 46 rooms or so and they were grabbed up almost immediately.Some folks may cancel at the last minute so maybe a spot could be grabbed, butit will likely be at the last minute and a long shot.

There are only two other hotels/motels in close range andthey are fairly pricey for our market. (These are the Proximity and theO'Henry, both owned by same company.) This are regularly $200-300 night(!) and the $165 special is a good deal for that facility but almost double the average rate many other spots in town.

After that, foraffordable places, it is a short drive out to the Interstate as it passesthrough town. There are probably more than a dozen decent motel/hotel spots. Iwould recommend the West Wendover Avenue/I-40 area from a convenience, safety& cost perspective. One issue is that from a routing perspective, it is not easy to ride a bicycle from those hotels to the CR Weekend activities.

We (family) stayed in the LaQuinta (because we could take our corgis!) when we had our hard wood floors refinished a few months ago and it seemed fine. Those places seem sort of like McDonalds, they are usually pretty much the same I guess. Quite a few people have stayed in that Microtel, which I hear can be rough in some areas because they are so cheap, but this one is not bad and right there beside all the others, in a pretty safe side of town...

FYI, One or two areas of town are not the most attractive,so best to follow my recommendations...

There are also twohotels downtown, which are closer, even easy cycling distance, but ourdowntown, although safe and almost attractive, has parking issues and theseoptions are not inexpensive either.

As I writethis, I realize it may be of interest to all, so I am going to edit thismessage and send to the whole CR list.


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