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I may be a definitive expert.

This looks like a first generation Nuova Strada, imported around 1984. These originally came in white and red, with top mounted vinyl decals. The frames were made of Columbus Chromor tubesets by Billato in Italy.

The management at Masi decided that these frames did not meet their standards. The decals were peeled off, and the frames were sold bare to Bob Hansing at Euro Asia Imports.

Later Nuova Strada and Gran Corsas were made with SL and SLX tubesets, and with investment cast lugs, also by Billato and with much more care.

I can't say whether or not Ralph Carnevale knows the source of these framesets, but they are clearly not Gran Criteriums. He was around at the time, and I think he was a Masi dealer for a while, so should know the difference.

Also, Gion (Ralphs spelling, not mine) Simonetti could not have painted these "at the factory" (as stated in EBay Q & A) since he had long been off building his own frames by the time they were imported!

This is not the first time one of these rebadged frames has been brought up on the list. I have sent a comment for the EBay Q & A, want to bet whether or not Carnevales posts it?

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> I may not be the definitive expert, but I've never seen a Masi with these lugs, fork crown, brake bridge, cable guides, pump peg, and fade paint. Anybody else?
> A repainted M_________?
> Sorry Ralph.
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