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From: Jon Spangler <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 22:58:28 -0800
To: Dale Brown <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Brakes and flex

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Dear All,

If brake cables are not stretching when new (and requiring re-attachment to take up the slack), what is it that is causing this need for readjustment after installing any new brake cables?

I am all ears (and eyes), folks....

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John Betamus, thank you for making me not feel alone in the world of bicycle mechanics with regard to cables not stretching. I'm always shagrined (not crestfallen) when I hear someone who says their mechanic said this or that about cable stretch. I think of it this way: If you try to hang a car from a bridge with a bicycle cable, it will stretch...and then break. But the forces we put on these cables are not stretching them.

Chuck Hoefer
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From: "Ken Freeman"
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> I've made a lot of improvement in the feel of previously bad brakes by
> replacing with modern inner and outer cables, carefully terminated by
> filing
> and with ferrules.
> On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 4:42 PM, John Betmanis <> wrote:
>> On 04/01/2011 3:53 PM, Harry Travis wrote:
>> Please someone, show me that new design stainless steel cables stretch
>>> less
>>> than old-skool zinc-plated ones (any more than bicycle chains
>>> "stretch.")
>>> Which is to say: Show me that they measurably stretch at all, as against
>>> simply having the ends bed and the housings move.
>> Springiness or lost motion in brake cables is no more due to "stretch"
>> than
>> a worn-out chain is "stretched". It's the housing that's the culprit when
>> it
>> appears to "compress". If there is excessive clearance between the inner
>> cable and the housing, the housing will "buckle" in a series of "S"
>> curves
>> before any serious tension reaches the brake caliper. Moreover, if the
>> housing is made of round section wire rather than rectangular, the coils
>> can
>> also "slip" allowing more "compression". I believe the reason the better
>> modern cables have less "stretch" is due to better design and closer
>> tolerances.
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>> John Betmanis
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>> Canada