Re: [CR] Mystery dumpster find custom made?

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Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 09:08:27 -0000
Subject: Re: [CR] Mystery dumpster find custom made?

Hi Robert,

I'm 99.9% certain its a Bob Jackson 'Olymiad'

Note the extended tangs on the bracket, a feature on Olympus......but they usually had semi wrapover stay tops, and a semi slope 14bis crown with fork tangs [liners] welded on the crown.

The 'Olympiad' model which had the full slope crown and fastback on the side seat this frame has. The hand cut heart shaped gear lever catch is another give away........

However, I think this frame dates from after my time working as a framebuilder at BJ's [71 ~ 76] going by the drilled tangs.......but then again.......maybe we were using the pre-drilled fork liners as tangs for the bracket shells?.......its a long time ago!

Hope this is of help.........

Kevin Sayles
West Yorkshire UK

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Subject: [CR] Mystery dumpster find custom made?

> One of my employees was given this bike frame from a friend who found it
> in a dumpster. Paint quite rough, but interesting lugs, extensions on bb
> shell, nicely filed crown.
> The vitals:
> 63 cm c-c st
> 57 cm c-c tt
> 126 spacing
> campy drops
> serial # 8755 (8 is roughly stamped and might be a 9)
> Appears to be custom. Chime in with your ideas of who made this...
> Robert St.Cyr
> Sacramento, California USA
> Mystery dumpster find custom made