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Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 02:39:10 +0000 (UTC)
From: damien roohr <>
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powder coating is environmentally friendly, cheap, and durable. I have used it numerous times on aluminum racing frames. what it does not do so well is retain the emphasis on things like lugs that the builder had in mind when creating the frame. Think if powder coating as more "dipping" the frame in a liquid than actually painting it..... edges are smoothed over... hard lines like intricate lug work is lost...

damien roohr
canton ct

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Subject: [CR] powder coating, anyone?

It's a slow evening in the old town, and somewhere out there is someone else feeling a devilish need to over-do a restoration. Or other pranks, like Steve Maasland's inimitable MAASI of a few years ago. Those who are as degraded as me might enjoy the stuff shown at I have no relationship with the firm, but they did a geat job with really tough paint on my badly pitted Hamel a few years ago. Take a peek at the perfect Grandis and the better-than-new Trek 700, eye candy in their shots (not the standard CL 4 pix). I don't know what the prices are, but the results are purty.

Now down in my cellar there's a beat-up veteran PX-10, scarred and weary. It's crying for a file to dress the lugs and for Proper Paint and decals. Metal-flake black Nervex Pro lugs, and pearlescent white tubes. We'll just quietly imply that it was recently found in a barn, presumably a factory job for the Paris show in 1974, eh? :-) All I need are decals and $$.

We return you now to our regular programming, confident that I will have set some juices flowing mischievously, and enraged others concerned about just how inappropriate such powdered sacrilege would be. Give me Imron or give me black stove enamel, or else.

harvey sachs,
mcLean Va.