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Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2011 11:00:52 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR] To buy ..or not to buy...That is the question

As with many things in life, as you grow older, you ask yourself "What will happen to these things when I am no longer here?" If you have heirs who are passionate about your collection, then by all means, keep buying as it will give you satisfaction. If, on the other hand, you will only present your heirs with the problem of disposing of your collection, then don't buy and start to reduce the herd. Often the question might be one of finances. If you are comfortable with your financial situation for the remainder of your life, it is definitely different from a situation where selling some bikes will improve your quality of life.

I'm facing a similar situation and have tried very hard to not buy anymore bikes. I went an entire 12 consecutive months without a purchase last year and that was a major accomplishment for me. But, I have since bought a frame and I'm in negotiations for another, so I'm losing the battle. I did sell one bike within the last few months, so hope is there. My goal is to be down to 3 bikes at the end of this decade. Whether I meet that goal or not will remain to be seen. First priority is to survive the decade!! Deciding which bikes to keep and which to sell will be painful. But, it must be done so I will at least set my mind on doing it.

Good luck.

Lou Deeter, Orlando FL USA

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I'm faced with a dilemma...let me explain. I already have far too many bicycles and frames..and Yes! believe me.... it is possible to have too many . (Are you reading this, Nelson?) I am no longer a young man..and many of the frames and bikes I already own are too large for me in any case...and my wife can't stand the thought of any more bikes at home. I am in fact a perfect living example of the species - the obsessive collector.

To make matters worse, there are certain brands of frame that I have never owned, will never need, but nevertheless I would like one of them...for the collection.

Like buses in most large cities these sought-after bikes never come in ones...but in twos and threes. And so it is that I have just come across, and am negotiating for, a couple of MARCADIER racing, as opposed to randonneur, bicycles...and there is still an alloy Reyhand (?) in mind.

I have never seen a Marcadier but, tempted by the one in one of Jan Heine's books, consider that I owe myself at least one. Jan's Marcadier is an aluminium alloy one and at least one of the two I know of is of the same material...the other might be steel, as it is painted red.

It goes with the territory of such transactions that the bikes are a long way from where I live, not even in the same country, and that the photos provided are of poor quality and lack detailo. I have requested others.Oh! almost forgot...they are too large ( at about 23") for me to ride..

After finishing this heart-felt appeal to the CR Listers I think I shall have to go and lie down to consider matters further. Are there any psychologists among the CR members who could offer me some free counselling....PLEASE

I know what I should do...but please convince me.

Norris Lockley

Settle UK

(with sincere apoogies to the bard, William Shakespeare..and Prince Hamlet)