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Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 15:18:34 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: Re: [CR] Tom Ritchey- Saddle/Seatpost set-up

Hello All,

Regarding the Ritchey pics...

Is that a Peter Johnson seatpost/saddle combo in the pic? Sort of looks like it.

David Martinez
Fremont Ca
US of A

--- On Sun, 1/9/11, Mark Petry wrote:

From: Mark Petry <> Subject: [CR] Tom Ritchey To: Date: Sunday, January 9, 2011, 12:34 PM

Dale - pretty neat seeing that bike Ritchey built for his dad.   I remember seeing that very bike at Palo Alto Bicycles on University avenue one time, and was just blown away by the innovative design. 

What kind of hub is that?  It's not a Phil, nor a Hi-E.   Jobst had a hub like that on his yellow bike at one time, there was a rumor that Peter Johnson had built them, but I do not know for sure.

Ritchey notes in the article that fillet brazing give him more flexibility to use different tube diameters and angles that could not be done with lugs. One of the really great innovations that was a Ritchey trademark was the ovalized seat tube at the BB shell, all built up with brass in a very tidy way.  I am not sure if Ritchey was the first to do this, but his work has always been innovative and well thought out, right up the to (OT) Break-away frame, which is a masterpiece of clever design.

Anyway thanks for posting that.

Mark Petry
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