Re: [CR] To clear coat or not?

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Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 23:29:57 -0800 (PST)
From: "Ron Titensor" <>
Subject: Re: [CR] To clear coat or not?

Kevin, regarding the clear coating of decals, this is what has worked for me.  Having restored a few Ducatis and a couple of bicycles over the years, I have found that the lacquer or enamel based water transfer decals usually chipped and pealed in short order.  After a new decal has set...say 24 hours, I brush on glossy marine spar varnish.  DON'T USE ANY LACQUER OR ENAMEL BASED CLEAR, YOU WILL LIFT THE DECAL.  The spar varnish dries slow...over night...and may still be tacky in the morning.  The slow drying time allows you to go slow and take care.  You may want to do one decal at a time.  It's easy to varnish one decal then move on to another decal, grabing the frame at the first coated decal...I've done that!!!  I use a quality artist brush, soft bristles, about three quarter inch long, quarter inch wide and with a square end.  Don't use a cheap brush, you'll be lifting bristles for hours.  I usually brush the varnish about a sixteenth inch past the decal's edge.  The varnish gives fairly good protection...(lt works on wooden boats).  I wait at least a month before I use any wax.  Practice first...on some magazine paper or such.  And test it on the paint first...say under the bottom bracket.  Caution, I'm not telling you to do this, but It works for me.  I would not clear coat (or varnish) the whole frame, just ride and handle irt with care.  If you want to discuss this further, you can email me at  Hope this helps.

Ron Titensor
Bellingham, WA