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I'm replying on list to try to inspire others the same way I'm attempting to tempt Peter to go to the Great Western Bike Rally. How is that "on topic"? That's where I first saw that chainring trick. In addition to that, I saw what was to become "Add-a-bike", one wheel bike trailers (Jack Taylor), Ted Ernst giving fitting sessions on the lawn on a sunny afternoon. I've never met him but have admired him since seeing him there.

Once, someone brought Ron Smith's first bike that he built while working at Masi, called Corvo. Very artistic and well done.

I did my first century ride at the GWBR and am just about recovered from it.

This is an event that anyone who can should try at least once. They have rides from 6 to lots of miles in some of the most beautiful terrain you can imagine.

Chuck Hoefer
Pacific Coast Cycles
Oceanside, Ca.

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> In Dale's GP Wilson photos, there's a tandem photo showing an unattached
> chainring in the tandem chainline located between the captain and stoker
> chainrings. That's a new one to me. It looks like it is a couple of teeth
> larger than the front and rear chainrings.
> Is this something others have seen done, and does it accomplish anything
> other than looks?
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