Re: [CR] Secrets for cleaning dirty bike parts

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Subject: Re: [CR] Secrets for cleaning dirty bike parts

I don't know about a magic cleaning fairy Barbara, but I use an ultrasonic cleaner here in my shop. I have to say, one on the more amazing items that I have purchased over the years. Omar Khiel Oasis Custom Cycles Glendale, AZ

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Subject: [CR] Secrets for cleaning dirty bike parts

> Hi,


> It is probably a waste of time to ask this, because my inability to clean

> parts

> properly is probably genetic, however, I was noticing on other people's

> listing

> they had nice clean parts.


> I do have a distinct memory of regular comments on how dirty my bike was

> when I

> raced. Perhaps this is a trait of mine which I am not able to get around.


> How do people get their parts so clean? Do they throw them in solvent

> baths

> like we used to before we understood the health risks (not to mention

> damage to

> any plastic parts). My dirty tooth brush sprayed with wd40 and dirty

> cleaning

> cloths don't seem to do the same. Is there a magic cleaning fairy, or do

> people

> spend hundreds of hours on this task?


> Please enlighten me, I am a little dim. I am the one who didn't

> understand

> until I was over 30 that the reason other women's make up stayed on all

> day and

> mine didn't is because they reapplied through out the day, and I couldn't

> be

> bothered.

> Barbara Barrett

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