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From: "Steve Birmingham" <>
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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 09:56:36 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR] 111 Trichloroethane

Nope, maybe something else, but not 111 tricloroethane.

It was apparently pretty bad for the ozone, so yeah, probably a good thing it's gone.

Carbon tet has been gone for consumer use in the US since about 1970, as it's a pretty strong toxin and lasts a long time in air.

In the course of working in industrial repairs I got to work with a lot of stuff, some of it nasty, some of it only nasty by reputation.(including a few of the real chemical boogeymen like hydrofluoric acid and radiation) All of it is pretty much ok if handled properly. Always read the MSDS, even for some of the "natural" cleaners.

Steve Birmingham Lowell, Massachusetts USA

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Glad to hear it's off the shelf. 'Trike' is highly carcinogenic. Not to be messed with - even if frighteningly efficient. John Purser, Sudbury England
    My all time favorite is long gone....I really miss the 111 Trichloroethane
    in a 20oz spray can that we had at the hydraulic place. That stuff could
    clean anything.