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I met Dennis Christopher two years ago at the Competitor Magazine Film Festival, at which "Breaking Away" was shown on the big screen (for its 30th anniversary), which was a delight.

I started cycling in 1982 and watched that film on videotape - while eating a whole box of Macaroni and Cheese (and often a pizza, too) - the night before every century, double century, and bike race I entered for several years. To meet "Dave Stoller" after all these years was truly magical. He was extremely personable, signed a photo from the film for me, and seemed genuinely pleased when I told him how much the film affected me and how often I watched it "back in the day" - as well as how much I still appreciate the film on other levels now that I am a bit older. He's a class act and, yes, he says he still has the Masi!

Here we are:

Yours in sport, Chris Kostman La Jolla, CA

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> According to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) Dave's bike in
> "Breaking Away" was a 1978 Masi Gran Criterium.
> JA
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> John Autry
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> On Jan 13, 2011, at 8:30 AM, kevin lindsey wrote:
>> My daughter and I watched "Breaking Away" last night - still a
>> great flick
>> even after all these years - and she loved Dennis Christopher's
>> bike. Does
>> anyone know what bike he rode for the non-race scenes?
>> Thanks,
>> Kevin
>> Kevin Lindsey
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>> USA