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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 09:20:21 -0800 (PST)
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The first posting wasn't reallt that on topic, merely was about his wife cleans his bikes and has done from the beginning.  However, I found it funny and took it as a joke. This second post was merely a not so funny story that apart from happening 50 years ago on a tandem (if that is on topic to you, then fine) was not on topic.  . 

I'm British, moving over here some 20 years ago.  I appreciate everyone's input, again I thought his FIRST post was amusing, but this seemed an attempt to validate the first post as something other than humor. Others in the past have been chided on the first attempt at humor, which didn't do, a joke every now and then is great.  His first post was funny in every regard (unless being true, then just a tad sad) but in context, what was the point of the second?

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Hi Nick, all. Colin Laing's posts both had vintage content and i personally would consider them on topic. For me one of the greatest joys of this list is all the contributions by those members who have a real depth of experience in ALL aspects of our little hobby. Ted Ernst, Colin Laing, the many British and irascible Scots [and so many others] who contribute are a treasure. I'm something of a gearhead and i like the technical posts, but Colin's made me laugh. The bicycle is the most humane of machines. I like it when that humanity breaks through on the list. The reminiscences of the old guard contribute a lot. Cheers. Billy Ketchum; Chicago, IL; USA.

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Although the first post about cleaning was off topic, it was quite amusing, I thought a light hearted joke.  Is this second off topic post supposed to dispell the humor from the former and validate the story??? I'm not sure and what was the point

Nick Bennett Cambridge, MA, USA

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I would like to say that Margaret knew what she was in for when she met me, On our first Tandem ride, it;s about 50 years ago , a couple of years before we were married, we had the misfortune of a puncture in the rear wheel. Me being an absolute gentleman said in my coarse Yorkshire accent , " Right Luv, the puncture is in't back, your end, so y'owl afta fettle it "....( I did though get out all the tackle needed for the job to help out )...She said in her more refined voice " Oh dear. this is rather beastly , should we not hail a cab ? "...But, she did a great job, my hands remained clean and off we went again towards a long and happy relationship...

Colin Laing, Chandler ( still rather warm ) Az..USA