Re: [CR] Are we having FUN yet?

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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 10:44:03 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Are we having FUN yet?

I'm all for keeping the hobby fun with humor and such...

...but then again, if I were to start telling humorous stories, slapstick and innuendos from my early cycling and mechanic days, in less than 24 hours everyone here would be begging Dale to ban me for not being ON-TOPIC...which is

actually where I strictly prefer to keep it.

ON-TOPIC = Safe, Focused and Relatively Flamewar Free

I know it spoils it for some - but the flip side spoils it for others as well.

Just my Key West, Florida issue wooden nickel's worth...


Robert Shackelford San Jose, CA USA

> Glad to see that I am NOT the only one that is a 'WAG' at times. I have
> mentioned this before you guys and gals are far TOOOO serious, OUR hobby is
> FUN FUN FUN! As Colin says LIGHTEN UP! Its like a funeral directors
> convention! REMEMBER we the OLDER gang have been there, done that, seen that!
> BUT we are STILL around to tell our tales, Learn from this. PLEASE! Cheers
> and I MEAN that CHEERS Mates. John Crump OldandSTILLaWAGBrit. Parker, Co USA