[CR] Cinelli Model B , etc.

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From: "Jeff Pyzyk" <jpyzyk@live.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 07:41:45 -0600
Subject: [CR] Cinelli Model B , etc.

The discussion recently about the Model B Cinelli has been of interest to me. Notable differences between the Model B (Corsa) and the Model SC (Super Corsa or Speciale Corsa) seem to be inconsistent, based on my observations.

The most obvious difference is between the fork crowns. However, I have even seen one bike, decaled, chromed, and equipped as an SC, but with the flat Model B style fork crown. The sloping crown was best for smooth pavement, and did not ride too comfortably on European cobble stone streets. So, perhaps some buyers specified the flat crown in the interest of comfort.

The Model B's seem to have more consistently used the wider World Champion stripes with white background, vs. the narrower WC stripes on gold or chrome background often found on Model SC's. Also, Model B's often have more sparing use of chrome plating, but this is certainly inconsistent. It seems, from the bikes that I have observed, that early '60's Model B's did not have the top and bottom oil ports in the bottom bracket shells like the SC's. There may have been some differences in frame materials for the rear stays, but I can't comment with certainty. I would only say that I have weighed a Model B bare frame compared to a Model SC, and the B was slightly (150 grams) heavier. I'm sure there were differences in "standard equipment" but I have seen many Model B's equipped with the same Campagnolo and Weinmann/Mafac/Universal stuff as the SC's.

Cinellis were such low production bikes, with only a few hundred frames made each year. A significant portion of that production was custom ordered. Geometry, in particular, seat angle, could be varied based on customer preference and frame size. Also, equipment varied with importer/retailer. So, it is difficult to generalize about what was "standard".

This is an interesting Model B that was just on E-bay. Item number 170587625625

Thank God it is a bit too big for me. My wife is ready to kill me with so many bikes around. I hope a listmember got it. I'm betting it was built up from a bare frame in the distant past with the mishmash of Italian and French components.

Jeff Pyzyk
Milwaukee, Wi