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For completeness sake and after having some email exchange with George, it should be pointed out that the FMB Pros have heavily treated sidewalls so are somewhat different than vintage silk. FMB lower lines aren't treated. And FWIW you can treat any sidewall with AquaSeal as the CX riders do. Personally I haven't ridden silks in a while but may try a pair. My current "go to" tire is 25mm Continental Competitions with butyl tubes to avoid leak down on long Brevets.

Happy New Year! Rob Dayton Charlotte,NC USA

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The current most popular tire (and winner a number of recent events) are FMB Paris-Roubaix Pro . They come both silk and cotton. Silk are still used. These are KOF tires hand built in France.

Rob Dayton Charlotte,NC USA

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Silk tires do give a great ride. But they're fragile especially when wet. silk rugs are no better-they don't wear well and are decorative, period. I don't think anyone is riding Paris-Roubaix with silk tires. Unless it's silk with Kevlar. Air loss isn't a big deal-if you're worried use Nitrogen! George George Hollenberg MD

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> In case this isn't understood by all, here's the reason silk walled
> tubulars have that magic ride quality.
> Silk thread is finer (as well as stronger) than cotton, thereby allowing it
> to be woven more tightly, resulting in a far higher density material, with
> more threads per aquare inch than cotton, while also being lighter.
> Until we can figure out how ro make fabric from spider's thread, the
> silkworm stuff Is the titanium of natural fibres.
> For the same reason, oriental rugs made of pure silk drape or roll up with
> an exceptional suppleness when compared to rugs made of wool or wool/cotton.
> A trip to a good rug shop will provide the evidence.
> Silk fabric is more costly than cotton partly for the same reason; much
> more of it is used per square inch.
> I suspect that air loss through latex inner tubes over the course of a ride
> is a minor factor. Unless one is riding a very long distance (say, more than
> 250km) in cool conditions, my guess is that air loss is negligible.
> I believe that some riders in Paris-Roubaix continue to use silk-walled
> tubulars with latex inners to this day.
> Emanuel Lowi
> Montreal, Quebec
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-- George

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