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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 08:22:56 -0800
From: Mark Mic <>
To: frederic durrette <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Mirella bike

Hi Fred, Glad to see another Mirella is being rescued.

The Mirella brand was made by Leri using their own type seamless tubing AQ-35. They had a sticker located on the downtube above the shifters with this info. A search of the archives for "LERI" returns a few posts most from 8 years ago. There you will find an interesting read on a letter, posted courtesy of a fellow list member, about the history of Leri as a carriage builder written by the granddaughter of the founder.

About your particular build. If you think the frame is from the early '70's then I can offer how mine is equipped. I know only from photos of others that Leri did make component changes later on. I have an old photo copy of the ad sheet with sort of a build spec for a Mirella which matches up to my year 1973. If you would like copy I can mail one to you, just email me your mailing address.

Mine I had acquired as a complete bike that had been ridden little and suffered only the neglect of time and handling. I think it serves as a accurate reference for components.

Hubs and rims, Nisi Tubular with LF Tipo hubs F&R derailleur Campagnolo Nuovo Record stem and bar, 3TTT Seat post, Campagnolo 2 bolt NR Headset, Campagnolo Gran Sport (maybe NR, not sure of the differences) Crankset, Gran Sport, 3 arm steel with alloy rings, cotterless. brakeset (saving the best for last) center pull Balilla with Balilla levers from the late '50's/60's with the protruding pin quick release. While these brakes can be made to function adequately and in fact are still on my bike which I ride frequently, I would suggest Universal 61's as the better option.

Hope this helps!

Mark (who is about to jump on his Mirella now to join in the Coppi annual ride) Micheletti Foster City, California

On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 6:13 AM, frederic durrette <>wrote:
> I just obtained a 70s frame made by Mirella. Any thoughts or info on this
> would
> be appreciated. I plan to semi restore it or at least equip it with
> appropriate
> vintage components. The foil type headbadge is gone, but most other decals
> are
> in place.
> Fred Durrette
> Summerville, SC