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I must apologise for the clumsy mistake that I made when typing in the address of the blog. Perhaps I should just go to bed at a decent hour instead of sitting bhere in the early hours typing emails to the CR List.

The correct address is:

Good night

Norris Lockley Settle UK

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 12:48 AM, John Murray <>wrote:
> Hi Norris
> That Vemos vintage site sounds interesting, unfortunatly I cannot find it
> with the link you have provided, can you please resend the link
> It maybe we are remote here in Australia and the cyber space cannot travel
> that far!!!
> Cheers mate
> John Murray
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> Subject: [CR] TDF Bikes..and Who Built What ?
> can one old man resist another old man's appeal for
>> information..particularly when both of them are Old Brits ?
>> You realise that's it's Saturday night already over here on the R/H side
>> of
>> the Atlantic..and after drinking some bierra artisagnale Italiana. 9.3
>> percent I am not really in any condition to think straight..but What the
>> H**L goes.
>> I know of two manufacturers that have been associated with the building
>> of
>> the L'AUTO yellow bikes for the Tour - Dilecta from Le Blanc in the Centre
>> region of France and Oscar Egg who was based in Paris.
>> Certainly it seems that there is visual proof of the second brand having
>> supplied the bikes in 1939, and you can see such a bike on Hubert Arbes'
>> brother's website at
>> That site has a wealth of information on it, particularly as quite a few
>> of
>> the bikes are original ex-Team bikes...several of Hinaults personal bikes
>> are there. To experience the site at its best...start at page 3 and work
>> forwards as the date order of the bikes presented starts on Page 3.
>> There you will find a L'AUTO yellow -bike complete with Super Champion
>> Osgear derailleur. The photgraphs are sufficiently good to enable the lugs
>> of the frame to be identified.-they are Oscar Egg ones. The Oscar Egg
>> company had its main HQ and Showroom quite near the Arc de Triomphe not
>> very
>> far from the offices of the publishers of L'Auto it would
>> make
>> sense to have used a Paris-based manufacturer to build the bikes. The bike
>> on the web-site is a restored original, not a copy.
>> The Dilecta yellow L'Auto bike that I saw was at an exhinbition in the
>> town
>> of Vailly-sur-Sauldre, a small town about 125 miles SW of Paris that was
>> renowned for being the Arrivee town for the former French Classic Paris -
>> Vailly ; the exhibition was to mark the Tour de France passing through in
>> 2005, I think. Vailly is not very far from Le Blanc where Dilectas were
>> made. Perhaps 1937 was the year for Dilecta.
>> Will that do for a start, John?
>> Norris Lockley
>> Settle UK