Re: [CR] seatpost binder bolt woes

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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 22:48:54 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR] seatpost binder bolt woes

I sell those seat post binders for $4.50 each, regular price in my store. They say CroMoly or something to that effect. No one has ever told me that they don't work. I have to customize the majority of them for the customers, so I would have a good idea if they were problematic. In other words, they beat the Campy in my book.

Chuck Hoefer
Pacific Coast Cycles
Oceanside, Ca.

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Subject: Re: [CR] seatpost binder bolt woes

> There was a time in the mid 70s when a I had a number of Campagnolo seat
> post bolts snap when I tightened them sufficiently to prevent the seat
> post from moving.
> It seemed like there was a bad batch that was over hardened during heat
> treatment.
> For many years after that, I avoided using Campy seat post bolts.
> On the bikes that I currently have that came with them, I carry a spare
> Japanese or Taiwanese made seatpost bolt that cost me under $10 USD.
> It's insurance in case the Campy one breaks while adjusting the seat
> height on the road.
> There's an eBay seller from Belgium currently offering Sugino seatpost
> bolts, 2 for $12 with free shipping.
> They're about 22mm wide which is little wider than the Campy bolts but
> they can be ground down to the proper length if need be.
> As far as the bolt not fitting in the hole, I had to run a tapered reamer
> into the holes in a seat lug last night to open them up a little. You
> could use a small round file too.
> The bolt holes can warp when the seat post clamp is overtightened from
> using an undersize seatpost.
> Chas. Colerich
> Oakland, CA USA
> Bob Freeman wrote:
>> Or perhaps the Campy seat post bolt is only made strong enough so that
>> too much force won't allow you to damage your frame. Bolts are cheap,
>> frames are expensive. I've broken a lot of them in my life, mostly due
>> to an ill-fitting seat post or a poorly made frame. Get your generic
>> Japanese seat bolt. Will look fine and fit well and may not break so
>> easily. $5 instead of $30 for a Campy. Bob Freeman
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>> subject: [CR] seatpost binder bolt woes
>> While installing a new seatpost/saddle, tightening down the Campagnolo
>> 8mm binder bolt resulted in that esteemed part exploding, snapped in half
>> on the threaded male portion.
>> I have a Simplex binder bolt which I can use instead, except that -- due
>> to the lighly ribbed section on the female shaft socket just inside the
>> end -- that portion does not quite seat quite flush into the seatlug
>> binder bolt ear (this s an older style set-up, not recessed as many are
>> today).
>> Does one just bolt the Simplex thing in with torque for a very tight fit
>> gnashing of metal resulting) or are the binder ears normally skimmed
>> larger first or?
>> That Campy binder bolt is sure a piece of c**p!
>> Thanks,
>> Emanuel Lowi
>> Montreal, Quebec