Re: [CR] Sekai 4000 info...thanks

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From: james black <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 19:54:04 -0800
Subject: Re: [CR] Sekai 4000 info...thanks

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 07:10, BRIAN FELTOVICH <> wrote:
> I checked the frame and it has a serial number starting with M and ending with 62. Could it really be a 1962? I'll have to look at the info again, but I thought they didn't get started till the 70s.

Hi Brian:

Check out not the last two digits of the serial number, but the first digit following the "M"; i.e., if it starts with "M6", that might mean it's a 1976. My Centurion Semi Pro follows this formula and it seems to have come out of the same shop as the Sekai 4000.
> The reason I asked about the possibility of being designed for 27" wheels is that I need long-reach brakes to hit the rims. (Remember I bought this as a frameset, it came brake-naked.) Currently have some LR Tektros on there but switching to some long-reach Paul Racer centerpulls. I measured the reach at 57 mm.

It was probably designed to work with either size, but my guess is that it would have come from the factory with 27" rims.

James Black
Los Angeles, CA