Odds 'n' Ends

For a long time I was the main technical guy behind the Mojam and Musi-Cal websites, but haven't been involved with them since their sale to Wolfgang's Vault several years ago. Both sites were shut down in mid-2011. It was a lot of fun interacting with the music community to provide a useful service at a time when it was sorely needed.

Python Stuff

Pretty much everything on this minimal website which is Python-related is on my Python Bits page.

Car Stuff

I used to own a Triumph TR-250. I also used to own a very nice 914/6...

Here are a couple interesting pix:

This looks roughly like my first Porsche 356. The picture was just cropped from a picture a colleague took of me in my old office at GE with an early Porsche rally poster hanging on the wall. It's really just an excuse to tell you about the Porsches I used to own. My first Porsche was a '73 914. My second was a '53 coupe. I eventually had a '55 Speedster (damn! why did I sell that car?), a '59 coupe and a '67 911S (another car I should have never sold). Someday I'll get around to scanning pix of all of them in I suppose.

Here's a picture of my parents' Swallow Doretti, taken in the mid-to-late 50's (wish I still had that one too!). I remember my Mom driving me to school in that car, me tucked under the tonneau cover to stay out of the cold... Dorettis used TR-2 running gear to which a beautiful handcrafted aluminum body was added.

Bike Stuff

After selling the 914 I needed something to tinker with. For various reasons, working on the 914 never really worked out (cost, lack of sufficient space, no heat in the garage, etc). Bikes, on the other hand, suffer from none of those limitations, for the most part.

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