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Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 21:27:41 EDT
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> Where you have a company with several different builders building under the
> name. Would this be also describing California Masi's as a "marketing
> brand" also? Just curious.
> Its my impression that at least in the mid 1990s this was the case with Masi. As I understand it the right to use the name was licensed to Torelli who contracted with shops such as Mondonico to build the 3V's. The result is a really fine Mondonico built bike, with different geometry, BUT -- with a Masi badge. I'm not knocking the bike -- I have one and its great (despite 'soft' paint).

I suppose you're really referring to the succession of builders used by Masi USA in the 1970s and early 1980s which reads like a biblical litany of "begat's". That list is pretty distinguished, and ironically, includes Rivendell's main builder. (This paragraph is on topic Dale!)

Perhaps, the question should be posed, [D]id the company maintain a consistent standard for design, construction and quality control? Certainly Masi did for a long time (and may still), one hopes that Rivendell will continue as well.

Sorta like asking who is the greatest unknown bicycle frame builder? (Answer: Manny Diaz - Equus Frames, New Orleans)


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