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Subject: Re: [CR]Fuji Much Bike
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 17:00:49 -0700

Meantime, if you see a Fuji America your size at a good price, grab it! A terrific, underrated sport/rando/whatever bike! David Feldman

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Subject: [CR]Fuji Much Bike

> Responding to Garth Libre's following comments on Fuji:
> " I couldn't afford anything Italian, so I bought a brand new
> Team Fuji, which really did look just as hip and to tell the truth was
> one hell of a cheap version of a high end bike. $500.00 bucks with a
> Suntour Superbe upgraded brakeset, and the rest was Sugino, Sanshin,
> Sunshine and Perfect, and Fuji's DB CMolly tubing, bought you a real
> roadbike ready for any impromptu race or a heated session at anyone of
> 1,000 local coffee hangouts..."
> I'm also enamoured with Fuji's; I've an old Fuji Club that is pretty stiff &
> handles very well. The VaLite Quad-Butted tubing, (which I understand
> qualifies as 'Quad Butted' due to a thickened section at the mid-point of
> the top tube), seems to really work. I've stripped off the junky components
> & am building it back up with old Dura Ace/Shimano 600. I'll definitely
> look at any old Fuji that appears on my horizon...I think they'll attain
> some status one day.
> Jim(but I'm not holding my breath) Hultman