Re: [CR]American Masi = Fake Masi?

(Example: Component Manufacturers)

From: "Mark Poore" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]American Masi = Fake Masi?
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 19:10:40 -0400

Good point on the Masi’s given with the Honda analogy. There have been many bike builders to sub out bike building with their names on the frames. Would they be considered fakes? What about the Bob Jackson made Hetchins or a Carlton made Raleigh? Are they fake or real Hetchins and Raleigh’s or are they Bob Jackson’s and Carlton’s with Hetchins and Raleigh decals? And what about the Sutter now on ebay made by Olmo? In the mountain bike world many of the top downhillers ride Intense frames with their sponsor's decals on the bikes and they are consider Intense's, but that is a different tread altogether and not one for this list. I am sure the debate could go on and on without ever really coming to a conclusion. There are those that would build up the prestige of a valuable to increase its value for sure. For one, in my mind, a Masi made in California is a Masi and a Bob Jackson made Hetchins is a Hetchins. Fred Delong, Frank Berto, Dale Brown and Mother Goose could disagree with me, but that is my opinion and they are entitled to theirs. It could make for a good debate at the next Cirque. Of course I would sit back, listen to each sides points and drink beer not wanting to jump into that quagmire. But I will stick my toes in it here on the list.

My Rauler, made in 1984, could have been made by Colnago as Rauler had a relationship with Colnago, which ended in 1985. The frame is painted Colnago Electric Blue. At this time I have yet to find out if Rauler made frames for Colnago or Colnago made frames for Rauler and who actually made this frame. One day I will find out the answer to that riddle, but in the long run it won’t make any difference to me as in my mind it is a Rauler. And by the way, just purchased a ‘82 Colnago, as I have always wanted one. I believe Ron Cooper made it……………….. just kidding!

Mark, it rained too hard to ride today, Poore