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I've bought from St Johns and other UK shops with web sites. US orders are not charged the VAT, unless this has changed recently. Don't know whether VAT applies to elsewhere within the EU.


Jerry Moos

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Hey all!!

I went looking for this groupo and I was reading their home page and the mention of the ''VAT'' (taxes!) Anybody purchased anything from here at St johns, if so did you pay the list price or a reduced price!! Paying list means you paid 17.5% to much!! That's a good chunk of change!!

I'd really like to know, so please do let me know!!

BC Baron Corpuz........Holland........Something looks ''BIG TIME fishy to me!!

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> I ran across this,
> Campagnolo 50th Anniversary groupset.
> Manufactured in 1983, essentially a
> Super Record groupset, with the
> addition of engraving and GOLD
> fittings commemorating the
> anniversary. Used for about 100
> miles! Complete but no box or
> certificate. Inludes all the parts shown
> in the photo.
> Price: £940.00
> at
> Charles Nighbor Walnut Creek, CA
> Professional Bicycle Rider